Brandy is a mother of five and a creative enthusiast. She loves crafting more than anything and has a special love for donuts, Mexican food, British period dramas, and exploring the country with her family. Brandy started her blog, Gluesticks, in 2009 to share her craft projects and recipes with friends and family. She learned how to sew as a child but only fell in love with it after quitting her job to stay at home with her son. During his nap times, Brandy found herself being creative and her love for domestic activities began to grow. Although she has had some failed projects and recipes along the way, Brandy sees them as opportunities to learn and improve. She loves sharing her experiences and what she has learned with others.

Gluesticks is a blog that offers a variety of creative ideas, including easy sewing projects for kids and moms, kid's activities, quick and easy recipes, home decor, and more. Brandy's work has been recognized by several publications such as Family Fun, All You Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Craft Gawker, Taste of Home,, and Willow and Sage.Gluesticks has recently achieved a major milestone in her creative journey by publishing her first book. "Sew With Me" offers 60 simple and easy-to-follow sewing projects to make with kids. With her book, Brandy is eager to share her love for sewing and creativity with a wider audience and inspire others to tap into their own creative potential.