Spoonful of Kindness

Ana is the content creator, recipe developer, food photographer, videographer, and writer of Spoonful of Kindness. She started the website back in early 2018 with the intention of sharing her attempts at veganising and healthifying traditional desserts. Over time, her personal views and eating habits helped shape the website into what it is today, featuring hundreds of wholesome recipes made with real ingredients that are delicious, good for you, and easy enough for anyone to make.

All of the recipes on Spoonful of Kindness are 100% vegetarian, with no alternatives offered, although they can be made vegan by substituting plant-based ingredients. Most recipes include options for using either dairy or non-dairy alternatives, while some can be prepared with either flax eggs or chicken eggs. Ana requests that her full recipes or content not be shared without her prior consent, as creating them involves a significant amount of time and effort, from developing and testing the recipe to taking and editing photos.

Additionally, copying content word-for-word can negatively impact the site's search engine rankings. However, Ana is appreciative if visitors wish to share her pictures or recipes that they've tried, as long as they link back to the particular recipe or tag her on social media.