Kate is an enthusiastic recipe writer, food photographer, and dedicated bacon lover. She is a self-taught cook, photographer, and proud dog-owner. These aspects of her life prominently influence the content on her blog. Her blog started as a photography project to explore the realm of still life. However, Kate openly admits her aversion to photographing static objects. She prefers the lively nature of dogs, babies, teenagers, and anything else that refuses to sit still.

Struggling to find daily subjects for her still life project, Kate had an epiphany—dinner. Recognizing her genuine passion for cooking, she embarked on a journey to document her culinary creations. The only caveat was that her recipes needed to be prepared and ready to serve within a time frame of 30 minutes or less—except for those leisurely weekends when she gladly spends all day in the kitchen.

As a result, the majority of Kate’s recipes are both fast and enjoyable. Notably, Kate makes it a point to capture photographs of nearly every dish she cooks, adding a visual feast to her blog. She diligently updates her blog every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings, ensuring her readers are consistently presented with new and enticing content.

In conclusion, Kate’s blog is a delightful combination of her passions for cooking and photography. Her dedication to creating fast and enjoyable recipes, along with her talent for capturing beautiful photographs of her dishes, makes her blog a must-read for food lovers everywhere.