Bake for Happy Kids

The blog welcomes the reader and is written by Zoe, a Singaporean who has been living in Melbourne, Australia for the past decade. She loves baking and enjoys sharing her creations with her family and friends, as she believes it is important to eat well and be happy. Zoe has been blogging since August 2010, hoping to learn cooking and baking skills through her writing. She welcomes comments and is happy to share her thoughts and interesting recipes she has discovered.

Zoe reflects on her upbringing, attending Catholic school where she was always interested in baking but struggled in home economics class. She was never confident in her abilities and often failed in her baking attempts, with her chocolate cakes coming out flat, burnt, and rubbery. However, since moving to Melbourne, she began cooking as a way to minimize living costs and gradually became interested in it. She realized the responsibility of choosing the food she put into her mouth and the advantages of making her own. As a mother, Zoe's priority is giving her family the best nutrition, but she also wishes to explore her cooking with a little bit of fun and art. She recalls the pride she felt when she successfully made Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes for her child's first birthday and watching the children enjoy them was a special moment for her.

Zoe expresses her happiness with the progress she has made in her baking skills through her years of food blogging. She was not confident enough to bake a loaf of bread before she began blogging, but now she is exploring a variety of recipes. She is grateful to have met many great friends through blogging, including Joyce from Kitchen Flavours and Lena from Frozen Wings, and they started baking together through a bake-along in May 2011. Zoe has learned a lot from them and other food bloggers, and she hopes to continue to explore cooking and baking skills through her blog.