Life By Lee

Lee Anne is a blogger, YouTube newbie, wife, and mother. She warmly greets her audience and introduces herself as Lee Anne, but notes that some people refer to her as Lee, which she finds easier. She explains that she has been building her little corner of the internet for over seven years. Lee Anne's blog, Life By Lee, primarily focuses on fashion but also includes other content such as YouTube videos on topics such as building their first house or taking family vacations. She also enjoys sharing home decor, beauty, and other content with her audience.

As a bargain hunter, Lee Anne enjoys finding good deals and regularly shares sales with her followers on Instagram Stories. She believes that looking great and getting a deal at the same time is something that everyone can appreciate. Additionally, she has a passion for try-on hauls and shares detailed videos from multiple retailers on her YouTube channel.

Overall, Lee Anne is a multi-faceted content creator who enjoys sharing a variety of topics with her audience, including fashion, home decor, beauty, and bargain hunting. Her warm and approachable personality makes her a relatable figure to many, and her dedication to providing valuable content has earned her a loyal following.