Two Drifters

Amy and Nathan are known as the Two Drifters, are a married couple who share a passion for adventure and travel. They first met in Scotland in 2011 and realized that their connection went beyond just exploring new places. After a whirlwind romance and enduring a long-distance relationship, they got married in 2016 and now have a son named Malcolm. Their blog, Two Drifters, has become their full-time job, offering resources and inspiration for couples looking to travel, deepen their relationships, and infuse their lives with adventure.

Two Drifters believes that marriage and long-term relationships can be fun and fulfilling, and they provide practical tips and advice on enhancing communication, creating meaningful experiences, and fostering a stronger bond. They also emphasize the importance of traveling together as a couple, showcasing romantic getaways around the world and highlighting the benefits of shared adventures in building a deeper connection.

The blog features personal stories of love and adventure from Amy and Nathan's own experiences, as well as interviews with other couples who have made travel and exploration a central part of their lives. Whether you're seeking relationship advice or travel inspiration, Two Drifters is a go-to resource for couples who want to create lasting memories, strengthen their bond, and have the best relationships of their lives. Love and adventure are at the core of their mission, and they aim to help couples find joy, excitement, and deeper connections in their journey together.