Live to Sweet

Amee is an avid baker who derives immense joy from creating delectable treats from scratch and generously sharing her recipes with her audience. As a baking blogger, recipe developer, and skilled food photographer, she possesses a deep passion for her craft.

In addition, Amee describes herself as a highly functioning introvert who tends to overthink and finds solace in compiling lists. She readily admits to being a devoted baking enthusiast, while also harboring a peculiar fascination with miniature farm animals. Although she possesses a wide-ranging love for cooking, science, and sarcasm, it is the realm of sweets that truly captivates her heart.

For Amee, the act of baking cookies at the stroke of midnight serves as a personal ritual, one that mentally and emotionally prepares her for the forthcoming day. She takes solace in knowing that countless individuals partake in this tradition as well.

Amee firmly believes that the most delicious baked goods are those created entirely from scratch, which serves as the primary focus of her recipes. She painstakingly selects only the finest ingredients, ensuring optimal flavor and taste. Moreover, she places great emphasis on utilizing locally sourced, organic, ethical, sustainable, and in-season ingredients.

Furthermore, Amee's culinary repertoire extends beyond the familiar, as she delights in crafting innovative sweets that may prove unfamiliar to her readers as a testament to her unwavering creativity and culinary expertise.