Mindful Little Minds

Sarah, the founder of Mindful Little Minds Psychology, is a child psychologist with 15 years of experience working with kids and their families. Her mission is to help parents move away from using shame, blame, and punishment towards mindful, intentional parenting that nurtures their child's emotional intelligence.

Furthermore, Sarah provides tools, resources, and support to help parents manage their emotions and teach their kids how to manage theirs, even if no one ever modeled these skills for them as a child. She draws upon her years of clinical experience and understanding of brain science to create The Mindful Parenting Framework and The Mindful Parenting Pathway, which help parents understand their child's behavior and break generational cycles that keep them stuck in stress and reactivity.

Sarah has an objective in her mind to help parents create a peaceful, connected home that feels harmonious and safe. She believes that it's never too late to change and become the calm, empathetic parent that parents have always wanted to be. By learning to manage emotions with their child and responding rather than reacting, parents can give their children the childhood they always wanted for themselves.

Sarah offers printable resources, workshops, courses, and 1:1 sessions to help parents break generational cycles, give their kids the tools and skills they never had as a child, and raise a generation of kind, compassionate, and emotionally healthy kids.