The Stoner Mom

Kathryn, a woman in her thirties who describes herself as a mother of four who favors yoga pants, is a resident of the suburbs of Colorado. Her typical day is usually spent doing ordinary things like running errands to Target and attending to the needs of her children at their elementary school. Kathryn is also responsible for performing domestic chores for her family of six, such as driving a minivan, dressing boo-boos, cooking, cleaning, and managing the education of her high-achieving children.

Aside from being a wife and mother, Kathryn is an enthusiastic supporter of both medical and recreational marijuana, as well as hemp. She established this website with the aim of reducing the stigma that is often associated with cannabis use. Kathryn wants to demonstrate to the world that cannabis users are just like everyone else, regular adults living typical adult lives. Kathryn created this website to provide evidence of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who utilize cannabis for personal reasons and in a completely responsible manner.