Workweek Lunch

Talia Koren is a writer from New York City who is passionate about food and cooking. In 2016, she created Workweek Lunch after her coworkers consistently asked her how she managed to make delicious meals for work. Talia is an expert meal prepper with a mission to help working professionals take control of their food and lives by bringing lunch to work.

Workweek Lunch is a food blog dedicated to helping readers save money by cooking more and having more time and cash for the things they love to do. Talia believes that cooking cheap and healthy food for the workweek is easy and wants to help others achieve this as well. Her goal is to empower working professionals to take control of their diets and lifestyles by providing easy, affordable, and delicious meal prep ideas that fit into their busy schedules. Talia hopes to inspire others to take charge of their health and finances through the power of meal prep.