Joanna Anastasia

Joanna is a multi-talented individual. She has a passion for writing, photography, interior design, and as well as content creation. She has three children among them two girls and one boy. She started her journey as a parenting blogger over five years ago. Previously, Joanna used to refer to herself as a Lazy Mom. However, her passion and drive led her to become an eclectic decorator with a love for vintage vibes.

With a master's degree in psychology, Joanna enjoys reading and writing about human behavior, nature, and culture. She believes in living mindfully and shares her ideas and tips with others. Additionally, she advocates for positive body image and encourages women to embrace themselves as they are.

Joanna's passions also include creating beautiful and functional spaces, cooking delicious food, and capturing everyday moments through photography. Her love for creativity shines through in all of her endeavors.