Barefoot In The Pines

Michelle is a resident of Maine, commonly referred to as the Pine Tree State, and is a wife and mother with a degree in Culinary Arts. With over a decade of professional experience in the food industry, Michelle has a great passion for providing her family with delicious and easy-to-make meals, as well as teaching others how to cook. Her food blog, Barefoot In The Pines, has the goal of building the confidence of home cooks by sharing easy-to-follow family-friendly recipes that have a New England twist.

Michelle's love for cooking and creating dishes has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember. Her mission is to inspire her readers to get in the kitchen and make a spectacular meal for their family while trying out a recipe they've always wanted to make. Through her expertise and dedication, Michelle aims to help her readers gain confidence in the kitchen and create memorable experiences around the dining table.