Keepin' It Kind

Kristy is the primary writer, recipe developer, and food stylist for the blog, while her husband, Chris, handles photography. The couple strongly believes that consuming kind food is instrumental in creating a kinder world, and they aim to showcase how fun, accessible, and delectable veganism can be through their blog. They accomplish this goal by sharing scrumptious vegan recipes, reviewing vegan restaurants, and recounting their vegan travel experiences.

Prior to embracing veganism, Kristy once believed that it was an unattainable lifestyle for her. Her passion for cheese even led her to become a Fromagier at an upscale cheese store for nearly two years. However, her outlook changed after she witnessed the cruelty inherent in the dairy and egg industries. Cooking, exploring, traveling, writing, and laughing are among Kristy's favorite activities and bring her the greatest joy.