Carry has always had a love for food, especially sweets, but it wasn't until later in her adult life that she developed a passion for cooking and baking. Moving from a small hometown to a larger city opened her eyes to a world of culinary experiences that she hadn't previously known existed. She explored different tastes, smells, and experiences, which led to her love of cooking and developing budget-friendly versions of her favorite dishes.

Despite having various roles throughout her life, such as a student, teacher, bartender, and salesperson, becoming a mother has been the most important role she has taken on. Besides these, Carry not only teaches and guides her children through words, but also through her actions, the experiences she provides them, and the places they travel to as a family.

Apart from sharing her money-saving tips and delicious recipes, Carry also wants to share a part of who she is at her core - a mother to her son and daughter. She believes that being a parent is beautiful, amazing, taxing, tiring, rewarding, and relentless. Carry takes great pride in teaching and guiding her children through life, and she hopes to inspire and help others through her experiences. Cooking and baking have become a significant part of her life.