The Mint Chip Mama

The Mint Chip Mama lifestyle & mom blog was created by Stacey Gish Wallenstein in 2013 to provide Long Island families with meaningful life experiences for their children. Through her blog, Stacey helps mothers navigate the challenges and benefits of raising children in the New York metropolitan area. With her decade-long experience as a high-end customer relationship management (CRM) professional, Stacey has also created social media strategies for various industries such as healthcare services, restaurants, consumer packaged goods, specialty foods, local attractions, and retail locations.

This parenting & lifestyle blog is packed with family adventures in the New York area, along with interesting things to do at home, travel ideas, beauty & skincare, and delicious food recommendations. The blog is dedicated to sharing new products that add value to the readers' lives. When Stacey and her team are not parenting, they enjoy indulging in their passion for tacos, pizza, binge-watching shows at 3 am, yoga, the beach, traveling, gardening, hikes, Broadway shows, lemon ricotta pancakes, Clueless, 90210, dressing up for the 80s/90s dance parties, trivia, & vodka. They cherish their family but also value their alone time.