Michaela, known to most as Ela, is a renowned recipe creator, food photographer, and article writer who shares effortless vegan and gluten-free recipes on her blog. Her love for nature and animals is evident, as she enjoys spending her leisure time on the beach and has a soft spot for animals. Ela adopted a meat-free lifestyle at the age of six and became a vegan in September 2011. She credits this decision as the best one in her life, stating that it brings her inner peace knowing that she does not contribute to the torture and exploitation of farm animals.

Ela is a food blogger, recipe developer and food. She is committed to creating innovative vegan dishes and promoting a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Her recipes are primarily vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and often oil-free, with an emphasis on ease of preparation. Her mission is to demonstrate that plant-based food is not only healthy and tasty but also beneficial for both our bodies and the planet. Ela firmly believes that Mother Nature's bounty was not designed to be harmful to our bodies, the planet, or billions of innocent animals.