Allie Van Fossend

Allie is a self-growth enthusiast, yoga teacher, and the founder of an online yoga community called the Body Mind Soul Studio. Her aim is to teach people how to transform their lives both on and off the mat with the help of a holistic yoga practice.

Initially, Allie's interest in yoga was piqued when she attended a discount hot yoga class. After discovering the transformative power of yoga, she leveraged the practice to quit her corporate job and pursue her passion for teaching yoga to women. Over the years, she has helped thousands of women grow in confidence, clarity, self-care, and purpose through yoga.

On her journey to building a successful multiple six-figure yoga business, Allie faced several challenges. However, she decided to invest in her business as she did in her yoga training, and that changed everything for her. Now, she wants to empower others to grow their businesses, achieve more profits, and enjoy their journey as she does.