GradFood is a blog created by Zoé and Tyler, two food-loving graduate students based in California. With a shared passion for cooking, they enjoy experimenting with new recipes and flavors while embracing a mindful approach to food. Zoé, originally from France, brings her culinary customs and traditions to their kitchen adventures.

GradFood stands out as a blog designed for busy individuals, offering quick, easy, and delicious recipes that prioritize health without sacrificing taste. Zoé and Tyler understand the demands of a hectic schedule and aim to make cooking less intimidating by providing helpful tips and tricks. Their blog focuses on the essence of cooking, with a motto of "less frills, more recipes.".

Unlike traditional food blogs, GradFood doesn't follow a specific theme or diet. Instead, they explore a diverse range of foods, spices, cuisines, and cooking methods. With a "cooking by feel" approach, they encourage readers to improvise and adapt recipes according to their preferences and dietary needs. In addition to recipes, GradFood offers useful resources, including guides on starting a food blog and holiday gift ideas for home chefs.

Zoé and Tyler believe that healthy cooking is accessible to everyone, even those with busy schedules. Through GradFood, they aim to inspire others to make cooking a mindful exercise that fosters connection and preparation for the week ahead.