Sarah is a busy mother and wife named, who is a former graphic designer and high school art teacher. As cooking has become her creative outlet, she enjoys sharing her recipes with others. The blog originated from the author's tendency to make changes to recipes on the fly, which made it difficult to recall the exact ingredients and amounts. Her husband, Irving, played an instrumental role in helping to create the blog so that they could keep track of her recipe adjustments and recreate their favorite dishes.

After four years of sharing her recipes, the author continues to find joy in showcasing how delicious vegan food can be. She strives to remove the labeling of "vegan food" as it places unnecessary emphasis on the ingredients rather than the quality of the dish itself. Through her social media presence, the author has connected with many readers, engaging in conversations, sharing tips about new products, and even learning about new cooking techniques. Overall, her passion for cooking and creating delicious dishes is evident in her blog and her interactions with her followers.