Lavender and Lovage

Karen is a freelance food and travel writer, recipe developer, and food stylist with a keen interest in art, books, photography, and seasonal food, particularly cheese, and wine. Her passion for food started at an early age, and she has always been enthusiastic about seasonal and local produce. She feels that traditional British feasts and festivals are being overlooked and aims to highlight and remedy this issue with her writing, photography, recipes, and food articles.

Karen spent 17 years in South West France and now resides in a converted School House in North Wales, where she dedicates most of her time to food writing, food styling, and photography. She also conducts regular cooking workshops in a specially designed annex, where she grows most of her vegetables and herbs, specializing in old-fashioned herbs that are seldom used nowadays.

In addition, Karen holds a BA in Graphic Design and Advertising, and an MA in English Literature. After working in printing and publishing for several years, she decided to pursue her dream career of cooking, writing, travel, photography, and food. Karen is always happy to answer any questions about her work or accept new commissions, and anyone interested can contact her directly.