Dassanas Veg Recipes

Dassana is a well-known food blogger who has been sharing vegetarian recipes on her blog since 2009. She received formal training in mainstream Indian Cuisine, International cuisine, and Baking. Her professional background in cooking and baking is reflected in her expertise, which comes from her training in food science, food technology, nutrition & dietetics. This blog has one of the largest collections of pure Indian vegetarian recipes, with over 1800 recipes shared over the course of 11 years.

Dassana always tries the recipes in her kitchen before sharing them, and she offers plenty of tips and suggestions to make the cooking process easier. Her recipes are taken from families, relatives, and friends, while others are adapted from her cooking school or cookbooks. Her blog boasts a vast collection of vegetarian recipes, including Eggless Baking Recipes, from Indian and World Cuisines.

Her blog is an excellent resource for people looking to make vegetarian dishes, as it features step-by-step photos to accompany each recipe, and she shares a new video on YouTube every week.