Dawn and Hope

Nishtha from Houston has interests that include reading and writing, and she started a blog to share her experiences regarding her little joys, successes, struggles, lessons, inspirations, questions, growth, and aspirations in life. She believes that everyone has a unique journey, but it is exciting to read, hear and learn about someone who is just like us. Her blog is an inspirational lifestyle blog that focuses on family/parenting, self-care, travel, and educator tips.

In addition, Nishtha, the author of the blog, is a mom, wife, and educator who loves to write about lifestyle, family, parenting, inspirational posts, education, travel, and self-care for working moms with kids. Although she is an educator, being a full-time mom is her top priority. The name of her blog, Dawn and Hope, is the translation of her children's Sanskrit names, and they are her inspiration for starting the blog.

Nishtha believes that her blog can inspire others who may be in similar life situations or may simply want to learn from someone who has gone through similar experiences. She hopes to create a sense of community through her blog and show that people are not alone in their struggles. She believes that her blog can help readers laugh, learn, or simply heave a sigh of relief that they are not alone and that everything will eventually pass.