Lillie Eats and Tells

Lillie started counting her macronutrients in November of 2016 and, although she struggled with the new outlook on food at first, she fell in love with the changes she was seeing and feeling. Despite her initial skepticism of low-fat foods, she couldn't deny the progress she was making. However, she was not willing to give up her love of cooking and the bonding experiences she shared with her family in the kitchen. Instead, she began creating real, satisfying, and delicious meals with a few tweaks to make them more macro-friendly.

Lillie finds joy in being intentional about her meals and never having to experience eaters-remorse. She enjoys the challenge of creating new, macro-friendly recipes and is constantly amazed at how much delicious and creative food she can fit into a day when she is conscious of what she is eating. Besides her busy schedule, Lillie always finds time to experiment with new recipes and add them to her macro-friendly arsenal.