Lory extends a warm welcome to all those who have joined her on this platform. She believes that every individual has the potential to feel special and blessed, especially when they enter their own homes. To this end, she has created this blog that aims to help people create a luxurious living experience, no matter the size or location of their homes. Through her blog, Lory hopes to help people incorporate little luxuries into their lives that will make them feel privileged.

This blog began as an outlet for Lory's design passions. Initially, the blog showcased her beautifully styled tablescapes, which she used to entertain her family and friends. However, as her social media audience grew, Lory expanded the blog to include home decor and styling. Nowadays this is a platform for connecting with like-minded people who love beautiful design and appreciate the pleasure it brings to their lives.

Furthermore, Lory is a former fashion designer who has always been inspired by exquisite design. Her love of travel has honed her taste, and her style can be described as a modern French Country. She believes in casual elegance and respect for the past, and she loves to incorporate a mix of old and new into her designs. Lory's ultimate goal is to help people discover the small pleasures in life and bring joy to their homes and lifestyles.