Companion Animal Psychology

This is a website that has been encouraging pet owners to have happier cats and dogs since 2012. The site is run by Todd, an expert in animal behavior and a prize-winning writer who enjoys helping individuals resolve issues with their pets. She started this site to examine the ways in which science can be used to enhance the lives of our companion animals.

In addition to her work with Companion Animal Psychology, Todd is also an adjunct professor at Canisius College, where she teaches a graduate course on communicating Anthrozoology to the public. She also operates Blue Mountain Animal Behavior, a behavior consulting business for dogs and cats.

Furthermore, Todd is a graduate of the Jean Donaldson Academy for Dog Trainers, which she has described as "the Harvard of dog training." She has received an Advanced Certificate in Feline Behavior with Distinction from International Cat Care and is an affiliate member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.