Stef is a full-time writer, recipe developer, and entrepreneur who originally hails from New York but now considers St. Louis, Missouri her home. She is the creator of this blog that provides sweet and savory recipes to inspire and treasure, catering to everyone from novice bakers to professional pastry chefs. Stef's husband, Jonathan, handles most of the photography and videography for the blog, while their son, Myles, assists with baking and taste testing. Cupcake Project has been in existence since 2007 and has cultivated a close-knit community of readers who feel like family.

Stef's journey to master the art of cupcake-making was the impetus for creating the blog. Over the years, the blog has expanded to include recipes for a wide range of desserts, including cupcakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, candy, and drinks. Her culinary expertise has been recognized by notable publications. She has also collaborated with various brands. Stef's Instagram account features occasional lifestyle and travel content in addition to her delectable dessert creations.