Sophie, a skincare enthusiast and plant-based eater, launched her blog Glow Steady as a beauty-focused platform centered around skincare. As she valued high-quality products and their impact on skin health, she specialized in skincare and emphasized the importance of powerful actives. However, she soon recognized the significance of her plant-based diet in improving not just her skin but also her overall well-being. This realization led to the transformation of Glow Steady into a food-focused blog, where Sophie shares a weekly plant-based recipe, along with insights on plant-based health and nutrition.

In addition to her food-centric content, Sophie initiated the series 'This Month' as a passion project addressing female health topics. With a personal connection to the subject, she plans to invest considerable time in this series. The growth and popularity of 'This Month' led to its own dedicated domain. Sophie also collaborates with brands focused on female health. Through Glow Steady, Sophie's genuine passion and commitment to skincare, plant-based living, and female health create a valuable resource for those seeking comprehensive well-being guidance and a supportive community.