Hearth and Vine

This is a website that underwent a name change in 2017 to better reflect its content, which includes DIY projects, home decor, recipes, and gardening. The founder Patti shares a passion for finding or creating beautiful things on a budget, offering a fresh perspective on various skills and projects. Readers can expect to find fun, easy, and budget-friendly DIY projects, gardening tips, and delicious recipes that allow for the creation of something beautiful without breaking the bank.

In this site visitors will discover popular posts such as a dried orange garland, fabric bowl covers, and a Mason jar oil candle lamp. The website also provides valuable gardening tips and a collection of mouth-watering recipes, including fresh cranberry shortbread cookies and a chicken black bean tortilla casserole. With its diverse range of content, Patti aims to inspire and guide individuals interested in engaging in creative DIY projects, cultivating beautiful gardens, and exploring the culinary arts.

Hearth and Vine is rooted in Southwestern Pennsylvania, with experiences in Baltimore, Maryland, and Nashville, Tennessee. As part of a lively and humorous family, Patti has a passion for creating beauty on a budget. Married for 35 years, she has two daughters and a love for gardening that started at a young age. In addition to her creative pursuits, she enjoys shopping with friends, hosting family dinners, savoring chocolate, and immersing herself in captivating mysteries. Hearth and Vine serves as a platform for her to share her experiences, knowledge, and inspiration with others, creating a space where beauty, creativity, and budget-friendly ideas thrive.