The Modern Parent

Martine is a professional with a background in education and a Masters in Counseling. Her passion lies in helping parents cope with the challenges posed by the modern world. By combining her extensive professional experience with the personal experiences of raising five children, she provides a realistic approach to parenting in today's digital age.

As a writer, speaker, and family counselor, Martine is committed to improving the relationship between parents and their children. She focuses on fostering connections with kids and providing parents with the understanding and knowledge to engage in relevant conversations with their children.

Martine’s approach emphasizes listening more and lecturing less, and providing the boundaries necessary to ensure children's safety and the critical thinking skills required to make the best decisions for themselves. Whether one is a parent, caregiver, teacher, or team leader, Martine provides the support, strategies, and understanding needed to remain in control, productive, and thrive despite the numerous challenges of the digital world.