Laurens Latest

Lauren is a trailblazer for food bloggers, having started her journey in 2009. She is known for staying ahead of the constantly evolving blogosphere by dedicating countless hours to perfecting her recipes and connecting with her audience on her social media platforms. Lauren's readers vouch for her dependability, the ease of her recipes, and her ability to produce dishes that become household staples. Furthermore, her recipes have been featured in numerous publications such as Everyday with Rachel Ray, Better Homes and Garden, Bon Appetit, and Good Housekeeping, as well as on websites such as,, and Yummly.

In addition, Lauren has organized and hosted various blogging conferences that have brought bloggers from all over the United States. Her status as an expert in recipe development and blogging is widely acknowledged within the industry. Her genuine authenticity is one of the reasons she has amassed a devoted following on social media, as well as life-long readers of her blog. Despite having four young children to care for, Lauren is a real-life example of a mother who can retain her expert status and global influence.