A Dog Walks into a Bar

A family consisting of two humans named Bryn and Bill, along with their two dogs named Bean and Yoda, are passionate about dogs and adult beverages, particularly beer and wine. They have decided to merge their interests and create a fun site that educates and entertains visitors about pet ownership and the adult beverage industry.

Bryn, the primary writer for A Dog Walks into a Bar, has a background in Public Relations and Business, and she has honed her public speaking skills and marketing knowledge over the years.

Their mission is to share informative and fun weekly posts that focus on dog-friendly locations and events, fun adventures, DIY projects, recipes, giveaways, and charitable causes. The primary aim of A Dog Walks into a Bar is to assist animal rescue organizations and philanthropic causes that help animals and their local community. They strive to share a variety of posts that educate and entertain their visitors while supporting a noble cause.

Additionally, the site has been featured in local news television, radio, and print productions.