Brandie is a regular home cook who shares approachable and easy recipes for the busy cook. She understands the importance of getting a good meal on the table for her family and aims to help others achieve the same. For a few years, Brandie didn't cook much due to her busy work and life. However, when she had the opportunity to stay at home with her son, she rekindled her love of cooking and reacquainted herself with her kitchen. She realized how much she loved feeding the people she loves and found joy in preparing delicious meals for her family.

In addition, Brandie's recipes are designed for the busy cook who wants to put a good meal on the table for their family. She acknowledges that her readers lead busy lives and may need a few shortcuts along the way. Brandie hopes that her readers will find many recipes on her website that they will love and that will become family favorites. She invites her readers to explore her website and discover easy and delicious recipes that will make their lives a little easier.