Making Thyme for Health

Sarah shares her journey of creating simple and seasonal plant-based recipes on her blog. She is a self-taught cook without any formal training, and her main focus is to share approachable and seasonal vegetarian recipes to inspire a healthy lifestyle. She only shares recipes that she and her husband truly love, and if she doesn't think it's worth making a second time, she doesn't post it. Sarah is passionate about cooking whole foods that give her the energy to keep up with an active lifestyle.

Apart from cooking, Sarah loves spending time with nature and traveling as much as possible. Her passion for healthy food started when she was studying healthcare sciences during the day and working in a restaurant at night. Through her clinical experiences, she observed an alarming amount of disease and heartbreak, some of which were simply a result of lifestyle choices. Around the same time, her husband brought to her attention what was taking place behind the scenes at many factory farms across the country, and they both decided to become vegetarians. Her passion for creating new recipes grew immensely, and she found herself falling in love with food.