Eat Yourself Skinny

The author of this passage is Kelly, who confesses to being a chocolate addict, a recipe developer, a fitness enthusiast, and a lover of everything pretty and organized. She is also passionate about photography and dreams of writing her very own cookbook someday. Besides these, she enjoys developing new recipes, styling food, shopping for fun dishes, and most importantly, eating all the food.

On Kelly's Youtube channel, visitors can find the best recipes, how-to videos, and clips from all over the web, keeping them up-to-date with the latest clips and food trends. In 2011, Kelly started styling food before taking pictures and saving the recipes that she liked. Being a huge fan of food blogs, Kelly thought it would be fun to keep an online account of these recipes and photos while sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, Kelly has learned a lot, and since the start of her blog, she has adopted a completely clean lifestyle. Kelly learned the hard way that labels like "fat-free" are not necessarily healthy, and artificial sweeteners like Splenda are not good for you. Through testing recipes and adopting a clean, healthy lifestyle, Kelly has learned that if the number of ingredients on the back of a product is too many to count or pronounce, it is probably not good for health.