Amy's Healthy Baking

Amy, a native of California, is currently residing in San Diego but originally comes from the suburbs of San Francisco. Her family includes her supportive and loving parents, her intelligent and kind brother, and her adorable dog who enjoys keeping her company in the kitchen. She is an avid baker and has had a passion for baking since the age of three when she received a play kitchen as a gift from Santa Claus, including an oven, cake pans, and spatulas. Her parents have always been encouraging and supportive, and they have tasted and praised her creations throughout her childhood.

In 2010, Amy started blogging as a hobby and to challenge herself to experiment more with baking. She named her blog Foods for the Soul and primarily published recipes that were lower in calories and fat, with many vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free alternatives available. However, in 2013, she made the transition from cooking to blogging as her primary career and began focusing almost entirely on creating recipes for baked goods, which was her true passion. As a result, she renamed her blog in 2014 to reflect this passion, transitioning from Foods for the Soul to Amy's Healthy Baking. Amy is committed to providing healthier options that taste just as delightful as their indulgent counterparts and began posting recipes that are considered clean eating in June 2015, containing no artificial or highly refined ingredients.

In addition to her love for baking, Amy enjoys a variety of physical activities such as weight training, walking, yoga, and meditation. She is also a sports enthusiast and often prefers to watch games on TV over the Food Network.