Sophie, the creative mind behind this blog has invites her beloved readers on a delightful food journey filled with Greek recipes, cooking tips, podcasting, and more. As a vegetarian who enjoys reading, traveling, and daydreaming, Sophie shares a small corner of her Greek heritage through her blog. Growing up in New York with Greek parents, she was always drawn to the traditional flavors and aromas of her mother's home-cooked meals, which transported her back to Greece.

While Sophie didn't initially have a strong interest in cooking during her teenage years, she gradually became intrigued by her mother's recipes, exploring them as a hobby. A turning point came when she purchased her first cooking magazine, sparking her love for culinary arts. Over the years, cooking and baking evolved from a hobby to a true passion for Sophie. She immerses herself in the exploration of different cuisines, spices, oils, scents, and flavors, considering it an incredible journey without boundaries.

Through this blog, Sophie shares her culinary adventures and invites others to join her in experiencing the richness of Greek cuisine and beyond.