My Culinary Expressions

Neha is as well as the author, cook, and photographer behind the sites where she introduces herself to the readers. She recounts her earlier aspirations of becoming a clinical dietician, a path influenced by her father's desire for her to pursue a medical career. However, Neha recognizes that life's course is shaped by a combination of divine intervention, destiny, and personal efforts.

The genesis of My Culinary Expressions stems from Neha's food-loving family, including her in-laws, parents, husband, and son, who have provided unwavering motivation and support. They serve as the inspiration behind the recipes showcased on the blog. Neha has a penchant for experimenting with new culinary creations while also holding a deep respect for traditional recipes. Vivid childhood memories resurface, evoking images of her grandparents preparing delectable dishes for special occasions. Growing up, Neha marveled at her mother effortlessly crafting trendy snacks, teacakes, and nourishing meals. Moreover, her academic background in Foods & Nutrition during her college years fostered a deeper understanding of food and its significance. These experiences nurtured Neha's culinary passion and kept her connected to her innate desire.

Despite her passion, Neha's culinary expressions were put on hold for a significant period due to settling in a foreign land, working in the corporate world, and transitioning to a teaching profession after the birth of her son. These commitments left her with limited time to cultivate her culinary skills, although she approached each profession with equal enthusiasm.

The driving force behind My Culinary Expressions is Neha's belief that culinary skills transcend mere techniques and methods. For her, they represent an expression of passion. She finds herself captivated by new ingredients and techniques that constantly pique her curiosity. These culinary expressions, now setting trends and styles in the culinary world, manifest in every aspect of our daily lives. It is this realization and unwavering passion that led Neha to create 'My Culinary Expressions'.

Neha extends her heartfelt gratitude to the readers for visiting her blog and embracing her culinary expressions. She acknowledges that their comments and feedback will provide wings to her passion and keep her motivated on this rewarding journey.