Rainbow Plant Life

Nisha is a lawyer-turned-foodie who is passionate about teaching others how to master vegan cooking at home. Through her website, she offers a wealth of resources for anyone interested in veganism. Visitors to the site can explore a range of wildly flavorful vegan recipes, watch entertaining cooking videos, and discover tips for making a vegan lifestyle easy, sustainable, and rewarding.

Nisha aims to help others learn how to use vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds to recreate their favorite comfort foods in inventive and indulgent ways. Her collection of flavor-packed recipes is designed to be incorporated into daily meal rotations for easy weeknight dinners and fancier special occasions. She also offers vegan cooking tips to help boost kitchen confidence and provide the ability to feed the entire family tasty and satisfying meals.

Additionally, visitors to her site can find helpful vegan lifestyle tips such as how to prepare a week’s worth of meals with just a handful of ingredients and how to stock a plant-based pantry.