Hungry Peepor

Andrey expresses sincere gratitude to all the readers who have visited his blog, recognizing the progress it has made since its inception in late 2009. In 2013, she made a conscious decision to elevate the blog, transforming it into a professional food blog with the aim of delivering high-quality content to his audience.

Each blog post represents a unique aspect of Andrey's personal taste and range of hobbies. As an enthusiastic reader, she continually explores new languages to gain diverse perspectives on the world. His passion for travel allows him to broaden his horizons and gain fresh insights from various cultures. Utilizing his camera, Andrey finds immense satisfaction in capturing special moments and creating visually captivating representations that go beyond what his own eyes can perceive. Above all, she finds great joy in cooking and sharing meals with others, viewing it as a fulfilling endeavor that constantly fosters new learning experiences.

With an eclectic approach to food and cooking, Andrey embraces a wide range of culinary experiences. Whether it involves mastering Michelin-style techniques, experimenting with local Singaporean dishes, recreating distant flavors, or preserving family traditions, she appreciates the diversity that comes with exploring different cuisines. Through his blog, Andrey aims to connect with the larger community of food and photography bloggers and enthusiasts, sharing his passion and bringing joy to others. She welcomes constructive feedback and comments from his readers.

Finally, Andrey extends heartfelt appreciation to his husband, loonychewy, for his invaluable support in setting up and managing the coding languages of the blog. She recognizes that without his husband's assistance and unwavering encouragement, the blog would not have evolved into its current state.