Nadia, a mother of three children, expresses her love for creating memorable moments for her family and her passion for childhood education. Through her website, she provides a glimpse into her life as a mother, showcasing different sides of motherhood. As someone who identifies as both a parent and teacher at heart, Nadia can relate to the challenges and rewards of teaching children between the ages of 2 to 10. She believes that parents do not need a degree in teaching to connect with their children through simple educational activities at home.

Nadia's focus is on providing busy parents with easy and replicable educational activities and ideas. Her blog features various posts related to motherhood and family life, including topics such as kid’s fashion, parenting tips, home organization, and family vacations. As an avid traveler with her family, Nadia also shares her travel tips and secrets with readers, along with video reviews and vlogs on their experiences.

Furthermore, Nadia hopes to inspire other mothers to have as much fun as possible with their children while they are still young and to create intentional learning opportunities for their children while bonding with them.