Sugar Bee Crafts

Mandy is a blogger from the Kansas City area. She has been happily married to her husband, Trevor, for 19 years and is a proud mother of four fantastic children. Mandy is passionate about making things and her blog provides a platform for her to share her craft ideas and tutorials with her readers. She believes that anyone can try these projects and enjoys inspiring others to do so. Mandy has a frugal and organized personality and is an introvert by nature. She loves reading, sewing, crafting, and blogging, and is also a consultant for Paparazzi Accessories.

Mandy grew up near Kansas City and attended college in Joplin, Missouri where she met Trevor on a blind date. They dated for a year before Trevor went on a mission for the LDS Church and were eventually married 13 years ago. After living in Wichita, Kansas for five years, they moved back to the Kansas City area to be closer to family. Mandy and her family now enjoy living close to their relatives and the new friends they have made in the area. She feels grateful to be able to provide her children with the opportunity to grow up surrounded by cousins and monthly sleepovers with their grandparents.