Healthy Happy Life

This is Kathy's personal website, where she shares her interests with the world. Her passions include writing, photography, travel, wellness, film/TV/music, and connection. As of late, she has also begun sharing her experiences in motherhood and parenting. In 2007, Kathy established the recipe and vegan lifestyle blog, drawing upon her science background in nutrition and health promotion, which she obtained through her BS degree from American University. She focuses on creating content centered around wellness and plant-based food, often incorporating her own lived experiences through storytelling and conversation. Her career has taught her valuable skills in content creation, food photography, book writing, and brand collaboration.

Blogging has provided Kathy with a platform to share her life experiences and connect with a vast and amazing community. Along with the blogging, vegan, social media, creative, and writing communities she has encountered throughout her career, she has found immense joy.