The Connected Relationship

Shamon and Yolanda are the relationship coaches here in this blog who understand the challenges of seeking more from a relationship but feeling stuck in a cycle of dissatisfaction. Having experienced the ups and downs, joys and heartbreaks in their own 30-year journey together, they empathize with the feelings of being trapped in a black hole and questioning the worth of it all.

But Shamon and Yolanda didn't give up. They delved deep into their relationship, putting in the necessary work to find their way back to connection and fulfillment. With their combined expertise and personal experiences, they offer a unique perspective to guide couples on their own transformative journeys.

Shamon, a pastoral counselor, and Yolanda, a licensed therapist who has trained with renowned relationship experts, bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to their coaching practice. With over a decade of experience in helping couples navigate challenges and strengthen their relationships, they possess the tools and techniques to support individuals in finding the connection they desire.

Whether two person are feeling stuck within a relationship, questioning the value of their relationship, or seeking greater fulfillment; Shamon and Yolanda are here to help them. Through their compassionate guidance and expertise, they empower couples to overcome obstacles, reignite their connection, and create a relationship that goes beyond mere survival.