Mimi, the creative force behind this blog, warmly welcomes readers to her world of culinary delights. From a young age, she was captivated by the idea of giving heartfelt, handmade gifts. While macaroni ornaments and homemade cards may not be as appreciated in adulthood, Mimi's passion for creating special treats for loved ones remained intact. It was during a Christmas season that her baking journey took flight. Armed with limited cooking skills, she bravely embarked on making cheesecakes for her friends, following an online recipe. To her astonishment, a delectable cake emerged from her oven, igniting a profound love for baking that led her to learn from professional pastry chefs and embark on a journey of edible masterpieces.

The growing popularity of Mimi's baking creations on Instagram, coupled with numerous recipe requests, motivated her to establish this platform. It serves as a welcoming space where she can share her thoughts and connect with fellow home bakers. Mimi writes with the perspective of a home baker, familiar with the challenges of working with a simple and occasionally unpredictable oven. Through her humble insights and practical tips, she aspires to inspire and support others on their baking endeavors.

Mimi's infatuation with macarons knows no bounds. Ever since she learned the intricate art of making these delicate confections from a French Pastry chef, she has devoted ample time each week to perfect her techniques. Transforming macarons into captivating pieces of #MacaronArt has become her passion, as she firmly believes in their artistic potential. Should you still be on the hunt for a French Macaron recipe, Mimi is delighted to share her own.

While baking remains the focal point, Mimi also offers glimpses into her life on the West Coast in Vancouver, Canada. She takes pleasure in sharing her local experiences, travel adventures, easy meal ideas, and her enduring love for one of her favorite social activities—afternoon tea. Additionally, Mimi graces the airwaves as a monthly guest on AM1470, where she delights in sharing her Vancouver escapades and cherished recipes.

Mimi sincerely hopes that readers thoroughly enjoy the carefully curated content she has prepared for them. As she continues to learn and evolve, she eagerly welcomes readers tips, suggestions, and the opportunity to connect over a shared love for baking and all things sweet.