Suzanne is a spirited and purpose-driven individual, who embodies a rebellious nature at heart. Despite posing a challenge for the nuns in her all-girls' high school, Suzanne's respectful approach endeared her to them. Originally from the Midwest, she spent a decade on the East Coast for college and marriage, which sadly ended in divorce. However, Suzanne's resilience led her to a successful 24-year-long marriage and the joy of raising two college-age children.

Suzanne's passion lies in pursuing the truth, supported by her exceptional assistant. While baking holds a special place in her heart, she has limited indulgence without her children at home. As an empty-nester, Suzanne eagerly awaits her children's return, embracing the next chapter of her life with excitement. Coming from a lineage of strong, independent women, Suzanne values marriage and family while acknowledging the importance of education and career. This empowering mindset shaped her views, allowing her to navigate the complexities of relationships and achieve work-life balance.

Recognizing the challenges faced by women in today's society, Suzanne is committed to offering a fresh perspective and guidance. With a genuine desire to empower and inspire, she draws from her experiences and the wisdom passed down through generations. Suzanne defies societal norms, rejecting the notion of women as victims and advocating for informed choices. Through her insights and a new roadmap, Suzanne aims to help American women navigate the intricacies of life, love, and relationships, promoting fulfillment and success.