Elle is a Fitness Professional and Blogger based in the UK, who runs this site. In the year 2012, she wanted to share her passion for being active. Over the years, Elle has gone on an incredible journey through fitness, created an incredible community, and learned so much, which she has shared on her blog and social channels.

Through her blog and social media presence, Elle provides advice, tips, and inspiration to her followers, encouraging them to lead active and healthy lifestyles. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experiences with others, motivating them to reach their fitness goals, and making fitness a part of their daily lives.

Elle's passion for fitness is evident in the community she has built around her blog, and her dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals has made her a prominent figure in the fitness industry. Her blog and social channels provide a wealth of information and inspiration for anyone looking to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle, and her commitment to her community is unwavering.