Healthy Slow Cooking

Kathy is a renowned blogger and freelance writer who specializes in writing articles for websites and magazines focusing on healthy eating and vegan food. She is highly experienced in working with both small and large companies and has collaborated with numerous brands on projects and recipe development.

Kathy is famous for her vegan slow cooker and Instant Pot books, but she has some mad skills with beans and oatmeal as well. She believes that regardless of one's dietary limitation, everyone deserves to eat amazing food and loves thinking outside the box.

Furthermore, Kathy has been meatless since 1983, and with the growing availability of vegan foods, she has been eating vegan for a few years now. Her journey began at a young age, and she used to pick the meat out of her noodles when she was eight and never cared for the taste. She is dedicated to creating vegan recipes that are easy and accessible for home cooks of all levels and offers various options for people with different allergies or dietary limitations. Her recipes are not only healthy but also delicious, which makes them a favorite among families, including picky eaters.

Kathy's blog offers more than just slow-cooking recipes. Her readers can find stove-top and oven recipes, occasional smoothies, and cocktails. The blog is an ideal place to grab quick and easy meatless recipes for dinner or even start slow cooker oatmeal for tomorrow morning.