This blog is a collection of recipes that have been tried over the years by Anna, the creator, and maintainer of the baking blog. Initially, the blog was dedicated to cookie recipes, but over time, Anna expanded the blog to include recipes for other desserts such as brownies, cakes, pies, ice cream, and cupcakes. To easily search for recipes, visitors can use the search tool or browse the Recipe Index. Anna started Cookie Madness in 2005 as a diversion from some difficult health problems. Her initial aim was to post a cookie recipe every day, which she accomplished. Some of her earlier posts were hastily written and disorganized, but Anna has since made many changes to her blog.

As a self-described home baker and curious cook, Anna's expertise mostly comes from her vast collection of cookbooks, which she has carried with her through several moves. At one point, Anna sold most of her possessions, except for her cookbooks, which she considered valuable enough to keep.