Welcome to Surbhi's Crazy Creative World

This is a parenting and lifestyle blog, offering advice and helpful tips for parents seeking to make their parenting journey easier. It also provides insights on natural and alternative health methods like yoga and homeopathy, as well as creativity and imagination activities for kids, food, DIY, Travel, product reviews, and much more.

The blog is written by Surbhi, a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer, blogger, creative photographer, and nature lover by passion. She is a married mother of two daughters, and her husband is a software engineer.

Besides these, Surbhi has had many achievements in her personal and professional life, but being a mother of two children is one of the most indelible experiences of her life. She started her blogging journey in 2015 as a hobby to share her parenting journey with other moms after moving from India to the USA due to her husband's job. During this time, Surbhi has participated in various challenges, won many, and made many amazing blogging friends.

This blog provides a glimpse into Surbhi's creative and crazy world, and readers can expect to find tips and insights on parenting, health, creativity, and more.