This is a space created by Rini, a passionate food enthusiast, where she shares her culinary experiences with her readers. Through Healing Tomato, Rini not only showcases her favorite recipes but also opens up about her personal journey and the healing power of cooking.

Established in November 2013, Healing Tomato emerged as a creative outlet during a challenging time in Rini's life. The overwhelming support from her visitors and the food blogging community played a vital role in her healing process and the growth of her blog. Their positive feedback on her recipes and photos boosted her confidence and inspired her to give back to the online community that had shown her such kindness.

Rini's love for cooking has been a constant presence in her life, even during her 20-year career in the tech industry. The kitchen became her sanctuary is a place where she could find solace, express her creativity, and manage her emotions. Growing up in a vegetarian household in India, she developed a deep appreciation for food, exploring different flavors and cuisines. Moving to various cities, including New York City, further expanded her culinary horizons and ignited her passion for experimenting with diverse recipes.

Amongst Rini's culinary fascinations, tomatoes hold a special place. She has always been drawn to their versatility and rich flavor profile. From heirloom tomatoes to cherry tomatoes, she cherishes their sweetness and juiciness. With an unwavering dedication, Rini aims to inspire others to embrace the wonders of tomatoes, inviting them to embark on a journey of taste exploration.